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The Société des Receveurs de Café (SRC) specializes in warehousing foodstuffs and organic goods. It is France's leading coffee receiver and forwarder.

Major storage capacity

Since 2005, Tramar S.R.C. has had a modern 12,000 sq. m. warehouse in the Le Havre port zone, near road transport infrastructures. It is particularly suited to mass storage, with a storage capacity of 160,000 bags of green coffee. Each year, SRC manages an average of 50,000 tonnes of coffee.

In addition to being a LIFFE nominated warehouse, the warehouse is the first in Europe to receive the "Zone Franche Communautaire" label.


Types of loading

SRC offers different types of loading-in to best meet customer needs:

Precise, adaptable handling

To best meet customer needs, SRC takes care of handling goods throughout the process, from the moment goods arrive at the terminal until further instructions are drafted:

Tramar SRC warehouses are fully equipped to comply with requirements for organic goods.


A powerful warehouse management system

The Guardian information system directly links Tramar's coffee department to the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange for all transactions concerning this market.

Additionally, the Freedom Warehouse Management System (WMS) ensures that all operations are performed smoothly and efficiently from the moment of receiving coffee to shipping.

Tramar SRC’s information system simplifies all formalities and speeds up transaction flows.

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Le Havre and coffee: a delicious history

The story began almost three centuries ago, in 1728, when 80 pounds of green coffee from the French West Indies were unloaded at the Le Havre docks.

Coffee took the cities by storm, especially Paris. But Le Havre, like many ports, was home to a cosmopolitan population that had a taste for the exotic. To meet this demand, a purveyor of drinks on the Grand-Quai (today the Quai de Southampton) styled himself the “Lord of Coffee” and started to sell varieties from India and Ceylon (now Sri Lanka).

Le Havre gradually became a key coffee centre and opened up to a burgeoning new economy.

Today, Le Havre is a certified port for Robusta coffee, and a large portion of the international market moves through its terminals, reputed for their impeccable quality.


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